Lash Trays

Designed With Comfort & Beauty In Mind

Adelaide Lash Supplies offer lash trays with lashes designed considering the natural curl. The lashes offer easy application and are perfect to create a flawless lash look. Each lash tray has a sicker strip that easily lifts and off the tray. You can put the lash on the hand or lash pad for the proximity of the application. Adelaide Lash Supplies has both in C-Curl and D-Curl lashes with several options in the lash’s length. The lashes ranging from 8mm to 14mm. The .03 lashes are thinnest yet can make the biggest in volume. Adelaide Lash Supplies has got .05mm, .10mm and .15mm lash depending upon your requirement. Our eyelashes are even perfect for clients who have straighter lashes. The C-Curl will curl the straightened lashes for a natural and beautiful look.

A Pop Of Something Unique With Lash Trays

Are you looking for something to keep your lashes safe and organized? Our lash trays will help your client achieve the look that they desire for. With eyelash extensions, you can embrace the beauty of the most stunning facial feature—the eyelash extensions by Adelaide Lash Supplies come in a variety of length, widths, and curls. Styling from classic volume to premade fans, you execute the extensions flawlessly. Our pre-made lash fans are singular eyelashes bonded together to make a single fan. This reduced the application time and allows you to create a full look for your clients. Tweezers are essential in the application of these lashes, as removing from the package by hand can cause the fan to fall apart. The length of these lashes vary, from, you can choose from 8mm to 14 mm. You can fulfil your clients’ dreams of wispy or full lashes. Our classic lash trays are both time and cost-efficient. The lash tray by Adelaide Lash Supplies is an affordable option for advanced lash artists. They easily remove from the lash tray with no residue left on the lash, using our lash trays, you can rest assured you’ll achieve a flawless set. Adelaide Lash Supplies gives several payment options from full payment, or perhaps even using afterpay!

Why Is Our C-Curl Lash So Popular?

The C-Curl lashes of Adelaide Lash Supplies easily adhere to any client’s lashes. The Lash Trays offer a sticker strip for a practical lash application. Your clients will be thrilled to see the before and after C-Curl application. Adelaide Lash Supplies takes pride in creating unique and quality looking lashes that last longer and does not shed quickly. The right length comes in the lash tray. 8mm, 9mm, 10mm, 11mm, 12mm, 13mm & 14mm are perfect for creating natural, cat-eye and dramatic looks. Rest assured, you can offer your clients the look of their choice. 

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