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Finding a perfect lash cleanser can be a challenging task. However, the experts at Adelaide Lash Supplies have made the quest much easier. Our immaculate cleanser is perfect to thoroughly cleanse your lashes and the surrounding eye area. Strategically formulated, they are also used as a perfect aftercare regimen to keep your lashes looking clean and healthy. The cleansing products offered by Adelaide Lash Supplies have made it easier for you to gently remove dust, oils, and makeup residue before applying for your lash extension.

Eyelash Removal Cream

Along with our traditional lash cleanser, we also provide an eyelash removal cream. This cream is specially formulated to remove eyelash extensions in a safe and harmless manner. Applied at the base of the eyelash extension, the cream is left on for 5 minutes and the lashes are gently removed.

Lash Cleanser For A Gentle Solution

At Adelaide Lash Supplies, we take immense pride in our foam cleanser that is formulated to remove lash extensions easily. Our eyelash removal cream helps in removing the bonded lashes easily, gently breaking down the eyelash extension adhesive – making the lash removal procedure easy and a pain-free experience.

Eyelash Cleanser:

Our cleanser has been formulated to gently rinse off eyelash extensions. With Adelaide Lash Supplies’ eyelash cleanser, experience the difference and remove any oils or build up with ease. We proudly supply products that are free from animal testing, providing products that are tried and tested. As a national stockist and wholesaler, we exclusively supply products to qualified lash technicians and business owners across Australia.

Treat Your Lashes The Right Way

Using our cleanser, your clients are certain to be in great hands when maintaining their eyelashes. It is easy to use and is perfect for both professional and personal use. As a family-owned and operated retailer, Adelaide Lash Supplies is passionate about producing quality products. We ensure we provide products that provide results to a high standard, through research and testing multiple products ourselves.

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