Eyelash Primer

Offering Premium Quality Primer For Eyelashes

Are you looking for a high-quality eyelash primer on the market? With our lash primer, you can get maximum retention of your eyelashes. Our product is low-fumed, offering maximum comfort to a client during application. We prepare the eyelash primer using a superior formulation. The primer available at Adelaide Lash Supplies is a must-have for any technician who deals with eyelash extensions. That’s because you’ll need it while prepping your client’s natural eyelashes before putting on extensions. 

Our primer removes all the protein or oil deposits left on the surface of your lashes after cleansing, providing longer retention. The primer is very gentle on the eyes, and if you use it correctly, it will not cause any irritation. After applying it, you only need to let it dry naturally, or you can dry it with a fan before you apply for the extensions. 

Flaunt It With Our Eyelash Primer

Even though there are no rules about what products a technician must have, you should consider an eyelash primer. Since everyone wants great looking eyelashes, with longer retention it’s essential to use a good lash primer when dealing with oily skinned clients. What product could be better than ours? It’s affordable, yet it meets the quality standards of experienced lash technicians. Get ready to show off your long eyelashes by applying our lash primer.  

Why Choose Our Lash Primer?
  • The eyelash primer prepares your eyelashes for the application of lash extensions
  • Our product nourishes and conditions your lashes so that they stay stronger. 
  • The primer will lengthen your lashes so that they appear lusher and longer.
  • By applying our eyelash primer, you can get better retention
  • It also helps to make your eyelash extensions long-lasting. 

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