Eyelash Extension Sleep Mask

Uniquely Designed Eyelash Extension Sleep Mask.

Have you recently got eyelash extensions? The eyelash extension sleep mask is the perfect way to protect your investment. They are fully adjustable allowing you to find the perfect and most comfortable fit. The contoured foam inside the mask prevents pressure applied to lashes. The sleep mask is lightweight, soft, and breathable. Your new sleeping mask differs to the traditional kind, it will not cause damage to your eyelashes and are a silk-like material, thus prevent wrinkles on your skin. You can blink freely and be comfortable all night long while wearing it. The product lines at Adelaide Lash Supplies are thoroughly researched and tested to meet quality assured standards. We empower our lash technicians and clients with artistry through premium products. 

Your Ultimate Lash Protection Accessory

Adelaide Lash Supplies are here with a budget-friendly Eyelash extension sleep mask. If you are shopping wanting to keep your extensions intact, you have come to the right place. Adelaide Lash Supplies have a range of accessories to ensure your investment is as long lasting as possible. Available in both Pink and Black, the lash sleep mask worth every penny. You will wake up knowing that your lashes are protected, even during sleep. The contoured area of the eye mask does not mess with eyelash extensions. One of the primary benefits of the eyelash extension sleep mask, other than protecting eyelashes, is helping to improve your sleep. It will block the harmful light emissions and ensure a sound sleep. The eyelash extension sleep mask by Adelaide Lash Supplies is our top pick for affordable extension protection. 

Why Does Our Eyelash Extension Sleep Mask An Important Accessory?

Eyelash extensions, naturally shed due to changes in seasons, such as the incoming of spring. This shedding is completely normal, however, ensuring that additional shedding doesn’t occur is of great importance. Our eyelash extension mask by Adelaide Lash Supplies is uniquely designed to protect the eye area. Our 3D mask leaves a gap between the lashes and the mask itself to avoid friction. The sleep mask has a classic design ensuring a comfortable fit regardless of how you sleep. Since eyelash extension takes weeks to shed on their own, you need to prevent them from being ruined and causing additional lash loss. Aftercare of your lashes cannot be undermined. If you’d like to products such as an eyelash cleanser, a cleansing brush, rinsing bottle, drying fan, mascara wand and a lash protecting face mask, the ultimate aftercare kit, may be the product for you.  This ensures that your lashes are well cared for, avoiding unnecessary shedding, infections and providing your eyes with a full and long lasing appearance without damaging the natural lashes underneath.

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